A Lantern Festival

I had the privilege of joining my sister and her daughter to a lantern festival this weekend. I cannot tell you how much the sight of hundreds of lanterns made feel so much wonder. It was a simple, fun activity, but it truly took my breath away. I’d never heard of this before, nor have I ever seen anything like it!


As most of you know my niece has Down Syndrome and carries a joy in her that I think most typical adults don’t carry. Something as simple as lanterns floating off into the sky left her in awe and wonder. I’m almost certain there were tears in her eyes as she watched. She kept insisting she was a part of a scene from the movie Tangled. I, personally, have not yet seen that movie, but to watch her immerse herself into something so avidly was beautiful. She cheered, she jumped, she threw her hands to the sky and soaked in every single moment.


yes, she’s holding her heart. I think we all had tears, mine mostly because of her little heart!!!

I SO wish I could have captured her every move, her every word. through the evening… even if she did ask a million times if we were going to see Rapunzel and Flynn. We never did see those two characters from the movie – as I’m not sure this event was really about Tangled… But she was satisfied with the end result regardless and was out like a light in the car ride home. It was well worth the hour we waited in line to get in and the 2+ hour wait for the lanterns to be lit and sent off!



I was tired, it was late, I was hungry, my feet were swollen, but my heart had been filled again with beauty and wonder. Plus spending some girl time with my sister and my niece was very nice!


The evening concluded with fireworks, which I love watching fireworks. But for a little one with an extra sensitive sensory system, we enjoyed them with our ears covered and nestled in closely to this Auntie (she calls me Ti-Ti – pronounced tee-tee) and her momma. I didn’t mind one bit 🙂



My little Tomatoes

We’ve been singing this song to my niece since the day she was born. At least that’s how I remember it. It was a song my mom started singing and then all of a sudden we all sang it, all the time. My niece is one tough cookie. Starting at just a tiny baby she’s endured countless surgeries for her heart and her brain and so many procedures in between. We sang this in encouragement to hang on and soon, soon things will be different. Things have still been hard but this little girl won my heart over the day she entered this world. For the several years she was living in another state I missed her with every ounce of my being. But now, now she lives in the same city as me… Heck she lives only about 7 minutes away now! So – we get a lot more time with this bug. I love it.
I love being a auntie to my sisters kids and I love being an auntie to both my sister-in-law’s kiddos. It’s seriously the best thing ever. I’m not sure my heart can get bigger, but I know it will. As there are more babes to join us. One in September, and hopefully more in the future. I don’t think any of my nieces and nephews realize how much I lub them. They probably never will. But I’ll die trying.
Due date:  August 6, 2015
How far along: 28 Weeks! Holy cow, if I actually pop when some family member’s have guesses, I have about 10 weeks left. Yes, that’s a lot of time, but also, a lot less than it was before… YIKES!
Next appointment: The 27th. I have graduated to every-other-week appointments. Which seems crazy to me, I can’t believe it. I did my glucose test this week, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything – which I am assuming no news is good news… It wasn’t as bad as I thought, I actually really liked the drink, but not so much the feeling after the fact.
My appointment went well. I had the chance to ask my Midwife about the retained placenta risks. She agreed, I am at a much higher risk of this occurring, but we’ll cross that bridge if we need to. I’m glad she was open and honest, but also confident that my body knows what to do and will succeed in doing its job. Other than that, another A+ appointment. It took her about a full minute to find his heartbeat, I almost panicked and fought back some tears of memories from last year – but after a few pokes and prods she got him to cooperate!
Gender: Boy – Crosby Dixon
Exercise: Sadly my chiro said that I have somehow injured my SI Joint. I’ve been limping and wobbling my way around for just over a week now. It’s incredibly painful and I am SO hoping it heals, but she mentioned sometimes it doesn’t heal until after delivery. Not sure how I’ve managed to injure it so badly – but they suspect it’s baby’s fault. Alllll that to say – if I can hardly walk as it is – I ain’t getting any exercise. I am counting down the days until the pool is nice and warm though. That will be my exercise. I can’t wait.
Stretch marks: Nope! I hope it stays that way – if not, meh – no biggie
Belly button:  half in/ half out
Sleep: Oh how I crave thee. It’s probably frowned upon to form a Tylenol pm addiction during pregnancy. Someday I will sleep again. It may be a while, but that’s ok. There are great reasons for the lack of sleep.
Food cravings:  Mocha Americano – decaf, always decaf. I have never liked mochas in my life. Now I must have it.
Symptoms:  Growing belly, bust and butt! Fatigue. The emotions are starting to become more weepy, forgetful, distracted. I’m not sure where my brain is, but I hope it comes back at least a little.
Movement:  This is changing, more rolls, less jabs. He’s also slowed down a little bit and become more irregular. The midwife assured me this was fine – especially since he’s continually running out of room.
Baby’s Size/Milestones:  This week, Crosby weighs about 2.5 pounds (not sure why his weight according to my app has stayed the same??)  and is about 16 inches long.  He’s sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing his eyes, and perhaps even sucking his fingers. With more brain tissue developing, baby’s brain is very active now. His lungs are now developed enough where he could easily be sustained with medical help if he decided to come extra early. He also is starting to be able to maintain his own body temperature!
Labor signs: NONE! He’s still up very high, I have the occasional – sometimes constant – Braxton Hicks contractions, but that doesn’t mean anything. Crosby has a ways to go still.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, a good pee, and not grunting to bend over and pick things up! HA! Makes cleaning interesting…
What I’m loving:  Growing a baby 🙂
What I’m looking forward to: I’m getting really nervous and excited about our maternity pictures. I don’t know what to wear, how to do my hair, or how I really feel about barebelly shots. I have about 5 scars from pervious surgeries – including my tubal pregnancy. They’re ugly. But I’m trying to embrace the beauty of my journey to motherhood. It’s all a part of my story, and there are scars that are unseen that make me want to cover up and hide my body. But, I’m still excited to experience the “extras” of pregnancy and document this wonderful life! 
What I’m reading: Acts, as well as Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, I really like her book and I hope to get her other books as well.
Baby Purchases: Notta thing. We’ve decided to wait until after showers then buy in highest priority to lowest priority. Although I want to just get movin’ now. I can think of a million and one things I’d like to get done, but I’m practicing patience!
Best moment this week:
This arrived – The hubs put it together. It’s comfy. I’m stoked. Thank you Mommy for spoiling little man!
This also arrived – Thanks again to my mother! She had fun I think 🙂
This time next week, I’ll be sportin’ a new do, hopefully some freshly painted toes (lord help me, I’m not sure how bendy I am anymore). I’m ready for the weekend. Yes, very ready for a weekend.

Fabu Friday!


Yup, it’s Friday… Again?! Time just keeps slipping away. And I’m realizing that with each passing Friday I am getting worse and worse at sticking to my Fabu Friday Posts. Maybe because of the holidays I am getting more and more busy and taking less and less pictures and just enjoying the time I have with family and friends?

Or maybe I’m just lazy.

That is a strong possibility. I may have even lost interest. I do need to pat myself on the back at least a little for actually doing it, even if it’s not good quality. But, to me these are just memories made and documentation of those memories.

My week started with this:


Random fact: I am allergic to eggs. And Dairy (ok and few other things, but that’s not important). So when the holiday Egg Nog comes out each year I fuss and pout that I don’t get to participate in sipping on such a omgthisisamazing treat. On Sunday, however, I had a brilliant idea. I wanted something cold and I really wanted something fall-ish. So, I asked for blended white chocolate and pumpkin sauce drink. To my surprise, for some odd reason, it actually tasted like Egg Nog!!!!!!!!!! I was the happiest ever. Ok, maybe not ever.

wow. It was good!

Bonus: it was made with Almond Milk instead of regular milk (the only dairy is the whip, and I will suffer any consequence for whip cream). This drink had no caffeine and I’d like to think it was sugar-free too. Maybe even Fat free… Maybe wishful thinking?


We ordered lunch this week at work. It was SO good. I kinda giggled a little when I saw the cute, little, petite bag of croutons that came with the salad. I think it had a total of 2 croutons and one smashed crouton. I mean, I know some people don’t want many croutons. Too many carbs or something, but HELP A GIRL OUT. I love croutons. LOVE. They are the best part, especially in a Caesar Salad! Nom Nom Nom. ( think I just used the word croutons far too many times in one paragraph… Meh, oh well)


This little one. Oh my word. So, my sister and her family rolled into town Tuesday night around dinner time. I am SO happy to have them here. It’s such a treat and it really is nice having a zoo in my house. I mean a heard. Wait, I mean….. Well, it’s full. But it’s fun. Here’s the tally:

4 Adults

2 Children

3 Cats

2 Medium sized Dogs, one whom is still a puppy.

My niece, Maddy, she loves me. I am unashamed to say that I might just be her favorite, and well, she’s my favorite too. She’s who made me an Auntie for the first time. She stole my heart 10 years ago and we are tight. So in the mornings (when I think I have time) I unlock our bedroom door and let her come “help” me get ready. I think she’s been enjoying that I allow her to use my brushes and actually help her apply shimmer-y stuff to her lids and lips. I love it. But, even when I think I have time, it still makes me late. Honestly, it’s worth it. It’s my family and I love soaking up all that I can get. I have a special love for her. I tried to snap a pic of Christian, the nephew, but he’s all boy and is busy jumping down the stairs and dragging bags of chips around the house and crashing toy trucks into the walls. Makes me day-dream about my someday noisy home with little feet running around causing dirty finger prints on everything and Lego’s on the kitchen floor.



See what I mean? Who doesn’t love having their own personal Elsa (or is that Ana?) to act out the whole Frozen movie in their living room?

Maybe my goal this next week is to get more pics of Little Dude. 🙂


I’ve been battling a season of slight insomnia, and I found this to be fitting.  My brain starts wondering, then all of a sudden it’s off in La La Land and I’ve lost track. When my sleep is lacking I tend to pray (usually that does the trick, Sorry Lord. I just can’t help it) but recently I’ll be praying and moving down my list of friends and family then all of a sudden I’m making my grocery list for the New Year. Then I catch myself, stop and wonder how praying for so and so’s this and that led me to where I could find the cheapest ground turkey? Then…. I just start praying for more wisdom with my grocery budget. HA! He cares about that, right? Yeah, he must. If it concerns me, it concerns him.


This. I died. My hubs, he’s seriously the greatest. He usually does the dishes. The “I cook, you clean” method works great in our home. We are both working full-time so chores are typically split up. However, I must say he’s a champ and often surprises me with a clean house when he gets off early on some days. I.Am.Spoiled. I know that, and I love it, and I appreciate it more than he’ll ever know. Maybe Acts of Service is one of my main love languages? Who knows.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have Christmas parties to attend, cookies to eat, family and cozy cuddle time to enjoy!





Birthday’s, Crafts, and New Hobbies

Wow, I can’t even believe that we are now a solid week into October (okay… okay, I am one day off). I feel like it was just yesterday I was day dreaming of sunshine and beach days. We certainly had plenty of sunshine (and still do) and it was amazing, but I can seriously count, on one hand, how many times I wore a swim suite…. no more than 3 times. YIKES. I wish we had done more, but I think I was covered in a dark cloud that made the super sunny days not shine so bright. Now, now it’s fall and I get to wear some cute clothes and snuggle up in my tall socks and boots. I love boots. If it could be fall all year around, I would be one fluffy happy girl!


When the weather turns I tend to start wanting to bake and cook yummy fall meals, or decorate the table and cozy up for the winter. Seriously, I am in full on snuggle mode.










Something else about fall makes me feel crafty. I’ve always been one who loves to create new things and scrapbook. Perhaps even make a Fall or Spring/Summer wreath. This time though, I’ve started making something new, something I’ve never tried. Infant/toddler headbands. You guys, I am addicted to making these things! I know I have so many friends and family members who are ready to pop, already popped, or getting close to popping, so they will make excellent gifts. I also make some in expectation that just maybe we’ll have our own little one someday to style up with little adornments.

(Ps. Yes, I will be starting to sell these, if interested 🙂 Haven’t worked those details out yet, but I’ll get there)








This fall I have also found another new hobby that I intend to perfect. Ok, maybe not perfect, but I am determined to get this instrument learned and learned well. So far I have mastered been able to throw about 4 chords together and slowly play one song. This is a tool that I think will come in handy and hopefully push me a little closer to my life dream. I’m in love with learning something new, and something for myself. I feel like I am experiencing a whole new side of Me that I’ve never known before…. and I like it.


October is also a month that I hold near and dear to my heart. This month most people know it by Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that’s ok, I fully support that and recognize that it needs awareness. It’s also Down Syndrome Awareness Month. My niece has what’s called Translocation Down Syndrome. This girl, she is a fighter, she had open heart surgery at the tender age of 6 months old and has since gone through countless procedures and medical interventions. Yet, she still ALWAYS has a smile on her face. I believe we can learn a lot from children in general, but a child with special needs also has much to give and much to teach us. She is strong willed, affectionate, feisty, courageous, fearless, sensitive, and a true gift from the Lord. She has been an inspiration to me, and honestly on some of my lowest days, she is a huge reason why I keep pressing forward. October also happens to be her Birthday Month. YEAH!!! This little one will be 10! My words are insufficient to express the love, care, and concern I have for her. I can’t wait for the day that I am closer to her (in distance)! Miss you so much, Buggy.

Dearest Madison,

This TeeTee loves you so much. Those words actually don’t even come close to how much value you have. You, my love, are so so treasured. Not just by me, or your Momma, or even the Grammy, but by The King, who created and knit you together so perfectly. His divine plan for your life is clear. The amount of joy and laughter you have brought each of us is a true gift. Don’t let anyone, ever, look down on you for your differences. You, sweet one, are perfectly made and precious. You may be from tiny town, but your gifts and strengths and worth are far greater. I love watching you grow and flourish in all He’s created you to be.

Happy Birthday to my little Mermaid. To the one who stole my heart from the very first cry.

I love you to the moon and back,


IMG_5262 IMG_5480

October also happens to be Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. For obvious reasons this one is a heart string for me. Not only have I experienced my own losses, but because of Gods request for me to blog my heart, I have walked with so many others through their loss(es). It’s a painful journey and one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but I am honored that I have been able to be a source of love and support during a difficult time. I’ve even watched some my blogger friends fight this battle and it’s ugly. I fully believe that there are ways to prevent pregnancy loss and infant loss. Consider donating to the March Of Dimes or Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, or get involved in a local organization who is working on finding solutions. I am deeply saddened that I have had to experience this type of loss, but I’m proud of who it’s refined me into. I’ll never understand why, I may be lucky to know the reasons why two of the 3 failed, but I’ll never understand why these things have to happen or why the Lord allowed it. But I do know that He has been faithful to me and SO many other woman who have walk through Pregnancy and/or Infant Loss.


IMG_5558 IMG_5562