Fabu Friday!


Yup, it’s Friday… Again?! Time just keeps slipping away. And I’m realizing that with each passing Friday I am getting worse and worse at sticking to my Fabu Friday Posts. Maybe because of the holidays I am getting more and more busy and taking less and less pictures and just enjoying the time I have with family and friends?

Or maybe I’m just lazy.

That is a strong possibility. I may have even lost interest. I do need to pat myself on the back at least a little for actually doing it, even if it’s not good quality. But, to me these are just memories made and documentation of those memories.

My week started with this:


Random fact: I am allergic to eggs. And Dairy (ok and few other things, but that’s not important). So when the holiday Egg Nog comes out each year I fuss and pout that I don’t get to participate in sipping on such a omgthisisamazing treat. On Sunday, however, I had a brilliant idea. I wanted something cold and I really wanted something fall-ish. So, I asked for blended white chocolate and pumpkin sauce drink. To my surprise, for some odd reason, it actually tasted like Egg Nog!!!!!!!!!! I was the happiest ever. Ok, maybe not ever.

wow. It was good!

Bonus: it was made with Almond Milk instead of regular milk (the only dairy is the whip, and I will suffer any consequence for whip cream). This drink had no caffeine and I’d like to think it was sugar-free too. Maybe even Fat free… Maybe wishful thinking?


We ordered lunch this week at work. It was SO good. I kinda giggled a little when I saw the cute, little, petite bag of croutons that came with the salad. I think it had a total of 2 croutons and one smashed crouton. I mean, I know some people don’t want many croutons. Too many carbs or something, but HELP A GIRL OUT. I love croutons. LOVE. They are the best part, especially in a Caesar Salad! Nom Nom Nom. ( think I just used the word croutons far too many times in one paragraph… Meh, oh well)


This little one. Oh my word. So, my sister and her family rolled into town Tuesday night around dinner time. I am SO happy to have them here. It’s such a treat and it really is nice having a zoo in my house. I mean a heard. Wait, I mean….. Well, it’s full. But it’s fun. Here’s the tally:

4 Adults

2 Children

3 Cats

2 Medium sized Dogs, one whom is still a puppy.

My niece, Maddy, she loves me. I am unashamed to say that I might just be her favorite, and well, she’s my favorite too. She’s who made me an Auntie for the first time. She stole my heart 10 years ago and we are tight. So in the mornings (when I think I have time) I unlock our bedroom door and let her come “help” me get ready. I think she’s been enjoying that I allow her to use my brushes and actually help her apply shimmer-y stuff to her lids and lips. I love it. But, even when I think I have time, it still makes me late. Honestly, it’s worth it. It’s my family and I love soaking up all that I can get. I have a special love for her. I tried to snap a pic of Christian, the nephew, but he’s all boy and is busy jumping down the stairs and dragging bags of chips around the house and crashing toy trucks into the walls. Makes me day-dream about my someday noisy home with little feet running around causing dirty finger prints on everything and Lego’s on the kitchen floor.



See what I mean? Who doesn’t love having their own personal Elsa (or is that Ana?) to act out the whole Frozen movie in their living room?

Maybe my goal this next week is to get more pics of Little Dude. 🙂


I’ve been battling a season of slight insomnia, and I found this to be fitting.  My brain starts wondering, then all of a sudden it’s off in La La Land and I’ve lost track. When my sleep is lacking I tend to pray (usually that does the trick, Sorry Lord. I just can’t help it) but recently I’ll be praying and moving down my list of friends and family then all of a sudden I’m making my grocery list for the New Year. Then I catch myself, stop and wonder how praying for so and so’s this and that led me to where I could find the cheapest ground turkey? Then…. I just start praying for more wisdom with my grocery budget. HA! He cares about that, right? Yeah, he must. If it concerns me, it concerns him.


This. I died. My hubs, he’s seriously the greatest. He usually does the dishes. The “I cook, you clean” method works great in our home. We are both working full-time so chores are typically split up. However, I must say he’s a champ and often surprises me with a clean house when he gets off early on some days. I.Am.Spoiled. I know that, and I love it, and I appreciate it more than he’ll ever know. Maybe Acts of Service is one of my main love languages? Who knows.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have Christmas parties to attend, cookies to eat, family and cozy cuddle time to enjoy!





Fabu Friday’s


Who doesn’t love Friday? It’s the end of the work week, the weekend awaits and, if you are anything like me, your fav pair of sweats and slippers are calling your name!

I spend Monday through Thursday dragging myself out of bed, brushing on the make up and meandering my way to sit at my desk and plug away at any given project that falls into my lap, as well as the never end to-do list sitting on my note pad. As I mentioned Wednesday, on the Up Hill Climb, I am trying to be more intentional with what brings joy to me and being aware that there are a million things I notice but I don’t stop and REALLY soak it in. So I have now dedicated my Friday’s to talk about all the Fabulous (Fabu) thing’s I’ve encountered through my week. I guess you can say it’s probably comparable to a camera dump, or a picture a day challenge. I can tell you this now: I will likely have pictures, stories, quotes, verses, and anything else you can think of! Some might be all from one single day, other things may have been placed throughout my week. Either way, I want to document the fun, the little, the big, the silly Fabu things that get me through to Friday, baby!


After a series of texts between my mom and my sister I found this to be fitting. Pumpkin everything, still the hottest buzz come fall every.single.year. Guilty here, but not so much anymore, tastes weird to me now.

FullSizeRender (1)

I love this for many reasons. Not only did L bless me with some much-needed lotion, it smells like fall, and gives me a good excuse to stop typing away and give myself a little hand rub. Plus, you can see that its home is with my girls’ goofy pics from our girls date to the bridal festival!


Often times I think I’m a little on the crazy side. I even catch myself making faces at the thoughts rolling around between my ears. Plus, who doesn’t love Minions?


SWEATERS!!!!!!!!! Cozy, comfy, raining all day, grab something yummy to drink and don’t forget your boots kind of weather is finally here!


And frankly, who doesn’t love a Taco Cat? Clearly this kitty is far from amused.

So many of the blogs I follow are so good at being funny, they are quite popular, probably because of their wit. I’m not one who is excessively funny, especially when in written communication. One-on-one with me, I might make you giggle a bit, but I want to stretch my funny side and give it a whirl to try to make you laugh a little. Life is simply too hard to forget to laugh.


And in the event you haven’t had the honors of watching this roll across your FB, please, do yourself a favor and enjoy the cuteness.


Lovely Blog Award

The One Lovely Blog Award is given to bloggers by fellow bloggers. It’s designed to promote up-and-coming blogs, and to highlight those blogs that are thought to be “lovely” by the person nominating them. I don’t typically participate in the award blogs but I was nominated by a couple of you so I figured I would participate.

I am so thankful for the blogging community that I have found. It has been a huge source of strength and knowledge as I journey down this really messy road. It’s a safe haven and a place where I know that I am understood and my grieving process is fully acceptable and noted as a personal journey. To know that I have two ladies who have nominated me (that I am aware of), just fills my heart! Thank you ladies, seriously!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.49.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.40.08 PM

Rules for winning this award are very simple, here they are:

Thank the person who has nominated you.

  • Provide a link to his/her blog
  • List the rules
  • Include 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated
  • Display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Seven facts about myself:

I have a twin sister! We look very much alike but we are fraternal. We are natural occurring twins too, incase anyone was wondering 🙂 My sister is probably the closest person to me and we have weird twin type telepathic magic powers I swear. We fight like no one I’ve ever fought with and in a matter of seconds it is resolved and life is back to normal. It’s weird and super interesting, but I love that I share my life with another part of me.


Me – Right, Sissy – Left

I am a worship leader at my home church. It’s the biggest part of my life and probably one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. My ultimate goal in life is to do ministry/worship full-time. Being able to lead others into worship and teach people how to enter into that direct line of access to the Holy Spirit is basically the definition of “having a front row seat to watching the Lord work”. It’s exhausting and requires loads of energy but never once has it felt like work and never once have I not had enough strength to do what I have been called to do. There has never been any question in my mind about what He calls of me. This could seriously be a WHOLE post in its self.

FullSizeRender (2)

Church in the Park

I paint my nails only to end up picking 90% of the polish off by the end of day 3. I hate that I do it and it must be subconscious thing. I try to blame it on my desk job where I type a lot during the day to start chipping it, but even before my current career my polish would be gone in a matter of days. I would prefer fake nails but it’s not in the budget. This issue really only gives me a great excuse to have lots of fun colors to paint my nails every 4 days. 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)

I snapped this sad picture TODAY to prove to you! Although I painted these on Saturday morning so they have lasted me longer, but it will come off tonight! Ewww

I am always tired. Seriously, ask my husband. I could probably sleep 20 hrs a day and be tired the other 4 hours I am awake. For a short period of time, after we lost Colton, I started staking a different type of Folate and B vitamins to treat the MTHFR. These helped me SO much but I once my body adjusted to taking the new stuff I went back my self. And before I get questions, yes we’ve checked my vitamin levels, iron and thyroid and a whole array of things. I’m just a sleepy person. I doesn’t matter what I eat, how much I do or don’t exercise, it’s just part of my personality I suppose.

I drink coffee everyday. BUT, it is always decaf. I haven’t had a full beverage of caffeine in 2 years. After meeting my naturopath we discovered several intolerances and allergies that I have. Caffeine being one of them. I have lived with stomach aches and pains and bloat for my whole life, then we did some tests and BAM, it’s like I am a whole new person! Since I have cut out a lot of stuff I know when I eat or drink something I shouldn’t have within minutes. It’s awful!

Like so many others, I love fall and I have always loved PUMPKIN everything, until this year. For some reason I can’t stand pumpkin in my coffee, or the smell of it. I’ve been juicing for a while now, and my sister and I added pumpkin into it and I can say with certainty that I will never do that again. I love pumpkin seeds, or looking at pumpkins or a certain pumpkin cookie recipe my friend L makes (HEAVEN), I love the apple orchards, corn mazes, and chilly weather with cute boots a scarf and comfy sweaters. I love apple cider, cozy sweats, a fire-place and my man snuggle buggin’ on the sofa with our 3 furry friends.


I am incredibly passionate about people, sometimes to a fault. My feelings get hurt really easily and I take everything personally. I make it a point to scroll through my contacts in my phone frequently and ask the Lord to speak to me and reach out to someone. Sometimes it’s a lot of people, sometimes it’s just one, sometimes it’s none. Usually it’s just a text but sometimes it’s a call or a coffee date request. I LOVE people. If you want to be loved on, send me an email and I would be happy to get in contact with you.

You guys that was soooo hard!! HAHA, I literally had to take about 1.5 hours to find just 7 things about myself, and even then they aren’t that interesting of facts. Well maybe they are?

It was super fun and now I get to pass the torch along to some others! I don’t think I know of 15 bloggers who haven’t done this already, but here are the few that I do know, and if you happen to have NOT done this quirky game yet, please just consider this your nomination 🙂 I pretty much think all the blogs I follow are amazing and each one of those women are amazing individuals.

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  • In It For Love
  • Genuine Greavu
  • Faith and Family (To Be)