Two!! … and then some ;)

The beauty of so many kiddos, is you just lose track of time and things fall to the side when they’re not top priority. So, alas, Cameron’s 2 year spotlight. Back in November Cameron turned 2! He is bright, funny, full of big, meaningful emotions. He is extraordinarily spirited, as in cray cray! He’s intensely... Continue Reading →

Fabulously 4!

My sweet Kobe, (turned 4 on Sept 23) Holy buckets have we come a long way! I love the relationship we’ve formed. I love your intense focus and desire to intricately study all things. Your steel trap mind is consumed by dinos and creativity. I can tell, you admire your big bro. You do things... Continue Reading →

3 months

Dear Coop, 3 months in and you are still the star of the show in this home. All your brothers are totally smitten by you. They love you and fight over you. It’s beautiful. You might be our happiest, most content baby. Maybe cause you take a bottle and your feedings are full and big!... Continue Reading →

This is 6!

Crozzy D! (turned six, Aug 6th) The big 6! My sweet first babe. I’m excruciatingly late capturing the joyous occasion, but in all tardiness, I am still in awe that I have been gifted 6 wild years with you. My heart could explode when I consider the sweetness you carry. Your adventures are careful and... Continue Reading →

2 Months

Dear Cooper, I’m pretty sure I might start every note to you with: how on earth are you ___ months/years now…? Time is FLYING. Lil’ man, you are 2 months old and I often wonder for being so little you sure seem to be in an extra big hurry to grow up. So, for my... Continue Reading →

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